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Course Title: AutoCAD for House Plan Design

This course is designed to teach students how to use AutoCAD to create a complete house plan. Students will learn how to create a floor plan, elevations, and sections, as well as how to add dimensions, annotations, and other details. In addition, students will learn how to use AutoCAD tools and techniques to optimize their workflow and create high-quality house plans efficiently.

Course Syllabus

a) Introduction to AutoCAD interface and tools
b) Understanding house plan design
c) Setting up AutoCAD for house plan design

a) Understanding the basic requirements for a floor plan
b) Creating walls, doors, and windows
c) Adding furniture and fixtures
d) Using AutoCAD tools to create floor plans more efficiently

a) Understanding elevations and sections
b) Creating elevations and sections from the floor plan
c) Adding annotations and dimensions to elevations and sections
d) Using AutoCAD tools to create elevations and sections more efficiently

a) Adding stairs, railings, and other architectural details
b) Creating a roof plan
c) Adding dimensions, text, and other annotations
d) Using AutoCAD tools to add details more efficiently

a) Understanding printing and plotting
b) Setting up a layout
c) Printing and plotting the house plan
d) Using AutoCAD tools to optimize printing and plotting workflows

a) Creating a complete house plan using AutoCAD
b) Presenting the final project to the class
c) Using AutoCAD tools and techniques to optimize the house plan design workflow