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Course Title: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

This course is designed to introduce students to Adobe After Effects, a powerful software used for creating visual effects and motion graphics in film, television, and digital media. Students will learn how to create and animate graphics, text, and other visual elements, as well as how to use various tools and effects to enhance their projects.

Course Syllabus

a. Overview of Adobe Photoshop and its Features
b. Navigating the Photoshop workspace and interface
c. Understanding file types and resolutions
d. Creating and saving a new Photoshop document
e. Basic tools in Photoshop

a. Using the selection tools to isolate parts of an image
b. Working with layers and layer masks in Photoshop
c. Image adjustments for color, brightness, and contrast
d. Using filters to modify and enhance images
e. Retouching and restoring images

a. Working with type in Photoshop
b. Formatting and manipulating type
c. Creating and editing text effects
d. Using typography in web and screen design
e. Creating text effects using layer styles

a. Creating and editing paths with the pen tool
b. Using blending modes to combine images
c. Creating and using custom brushes
d. Working with the clone stamp and healing brush tools
e. Creating composite images

a. Creating web graphics and banners
b. Designing web page layouts
c. Using Photoshop for user interface (UI) Design
d. Working with slices and optimizing images for the web
e. Creating interactive mockups using Photoshop and other software

a. Working with 3D objects and shapes
b. Applying materials and textures to 3D objects
c. Creating and animating 3D objects in Photoshop
d. Creating motion graphics and animations using timeline and video features
e. Using Photoshop for video production

a. Preparing files for print output
b. Exporting files for web and screen
c. Working with other Adobe software (such as Illustrator and InDesign)
d. Tips and tricks for using Photoshop in a professional setting