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Course Title: Adobe Illustrator - Basic to Advance

Course Syllabus

a. Overview of Adobe Illustrator and its features
b. Navigating the Illustrator workspace and interface
c. Understanding vector graphics vs. raster graphics
d. Creating and saving a new Illustrator document
e. Basic shapes and tools in Illustrator

a. Using the Pen tool to create custom shapes and paths
b. Working with anchor points and control handles
c. Creating complex shapes and designs with multiple paths
d. Understanding and working with layers in Illustrator
e. Using the shape builder and pathfinder tools to create and edit shapes

a. Working with type in Illustrator
b. Formatting and manipulating type
c. Creating and editing text on paths
d. Using the Type on a Path tool to create unique designs
e. Using typography in web and screen design

a. Understanding color theory for designers
b. Choosing and working with color palettes in Illustrator
c. Creating and using gradients to add depth and dimension
d. Color modes in Illustrator and how to work with them
e. Color in branding and marketing

a. Transforming objects and shapes in Illustrator
b. Distorting and warping shapes for unique designs
c. Applying and editing live effects to objects and shapes
d. Using blending modes and transparency to create depth and dimension
e. Using Illustrator for a production environment

a. Creating custom brushes and symbols in Illustrator
b. Working with 3D objects and shapes
c. Using the mesh tool to create realistic illustrations
d. Working with perspective grids and vanishing points
e. Advanced techniques for creating complex designs and illustrations

a. Preparing files for print output
b. Exporting files for web and screen
c. Working with other Adobe software (such as InDesign and Photoshop)
d. Creating vector graphics for use in other software
e. Tips and tricks for using Illustrator in a professional setting
f. This syllabus covers basic to advanced concepts in Illustrator,