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Course Title: Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

This course is designed to introduce students to Adobe Premiere Pro, a powerful video editing software used in the film, television, and other digital media industries. Students will learn how to import, edit, and export video and audio files, as well as how to use various video effects and transitions.

Course Syllabus

a) Understanding the Premiere Pro interface
b) Creating a new project and importing media
c) Understanding video and audio file formats

a) Understanding timeline editing
b) Basic editing techniques: cutting, trimming, and rearranging clips
c) Adding titles and basic video effects

a) Using multiple video and audio tracks
b) Adding transitions and advanced video effects
c) Keyframing effects and adjusting parameters

a) Understanding audio tracks and audio effects
b) Adjusting audio levels and mixing audio tracks
c) Adding music and sound effects

a) Understanding color correction and grading
b) Using the Lumetri Color panel
c) Applying color grading and effects

a) Editing a short video using Premiere Pro
b) Applying various video and audio effects
c) Presenting the final project to the class