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Course Title: Introduction to Adobe After Effects

This course is designed to introduce students to Adobe After Effects, a powerful software used for creating visual effects and motion graphics in film, television, and digital media. Students will learn how to create and animate graphics, text, and other visual elements, as well as how to use various tools and effects to enhance their projects.

Course Syllabus

a) Understanding the After Effects interface
b) Creating a new project and importing media
c) Understanding composition settings and layers

a) Keyframe animation basics
b) Animating text and graphics
c) Using parenting and expressions

a) Masking and rotoscoping
b) Using motion tracking and stabilization
c) 3D camera tracking and compositing

a) Using visual effects presets
b) Creating custom visual effects using built-in tools
c) Creating advanced visual effects using third-party plugins

a) Understanding audio tracks and audio effects
b) Adjusting audio levels and mixing audio tracks
c) Using audio effects to enhance the audio in the composition

a) Creating a short motion graphics video using After Effects
b) Applying various animation and visual effects techniques
c) Presenting the final project to the class